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Reveal Church


There is a lot of thoughts running through our minds about what this church will look like. We wanted to be careful not to have a detailed vision and then hand it to a group of people and say “Do this”. We are currently building a team of people that are interested in establishing a new church. When this team is established, we will pray together and begin conversations about what Reveal Church will look like.

Needless to say that it will be a lot of work, but in the end like the story of Jonah. The Lord will have what the Lord wants.

Why the name “Reveal”?

  • Ultimately, the name speaks about our desire to clearly see Jesus! For the unbeliever to surrender to Jesus and for the believer to desire more of Jesus.

Where will you be?

  • Both Olivia and I were born and raised in Georgia. Our heart is for this area. We know that God has called us to focus here in this state. We have a strong sense of the location Snellville Ga.

Rolando & Olivia


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